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20 januari 2017

Hello Friday.... let's go outside

Hi there you all this Friday. In the Netherlands it has been freezing a few days and this means we can most likely enjoy some ice skating this weekend. First time for the kids so it should be fun. After a fun day outside and defrosting inside it is nice to have a retreat of a bedroom to return to. I've put together a bedroom with items from all over the world. Hope you like it.

Rattan bed board by Tine K Home (available in several sizes) | Et Aussi crochet hanging lamp (love these and so many colour options) | Free download of sleeping eyes via Pinterest | Black oak stepping stool on sale at Pantoufle design | A selection of pillow cases from Australian Kip & Co | Large throw by Pony Rider from Australia | A vintage peacock chair (check out your online thrift sites like craigslist etc.) | Velvet grey cushion cover by H&M Home

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17 januari 2017

Hello Tuesday... Huh Tuesday???

_ As I was chosen to be the #instagrammeroftheweek by Meettheblogger on Instagram I want to treat you to some extra posts this week _

I still live with my parents. No not me, but as long as one of my kids wears a t-shirt like this I feel I should be allowed to design their room. Wonder how long I can keep up this tough mama 'my roof, my design' attitude. Lucky for them I have an overflow of ideas so there will be enough changes. Here are some of my current favourites.

Rice paper yellow lamp by Petit Pan | Playmats It's a wild jungle baby and Meet the forest from ByAlex Playmats | Little Quote Jar by Make History | Woood Meert wall shelves | Dino Daw Diplodocus 3 print pack | Yellow paint by Flexa | Nobodinoz storage basket | T-shit I SSTILL LLIVEE WHITT MMYY :) PARENTS by Mango | Cushion Peacock pois by La Cerise sur le gateau | Mustard yellow cushion with tassels by H&M

I love the lightness of the rice paper lamp and my son is a huge fan of the color yellow. So that was an easy choice. The playmats do come at a price but they are so much fun and versatile in use. Plus if ever the kids are done with them I would like to snatch them for myself for a cosy corner. The little quote jar is designed by someone I know and I still find this the best idea ever. If you don't write them down you really do forget the quirky things your kids come up with. Some shelves to store the best looking toys is always a good idea and for boys you just cannot go wrong with a good dinosaur. These come from Dino Raw in Australia. A really nice selection of dino posters and prints you can draw on. For storage I chose Nobodinoz as I love a bit of extra texture in a room. These are quilted so they look that bit more unique. The shirt is fun. I should get one in each size until the age of say... 18? The pillows are to make a comfy corner extra comfy.

13 januari 2017

Hello Friday... some girls bedroom inspiration

This is part of a feature I've written for Girlslabel that will be posted later this week. I love writing by assignment for others. It pushes me to think and write about things that I normally wouldn't write about. This is a bonus blog I did for the platform so I could keep it within my LilleLykke style. 

I wrote the blog after seeing a modern tiled wallpaper online. But seeing this selection of furniture and accessories I would also love to see this with a black and white patterned wallpaper. Some personal favourites are this one, this one and absolutely this one

Items used for image come mostly from Dutch shops as Girlslabel is a Dutch platform. 

Seletti white string of lights | Wooden bed house | Birch wood Snowpuppe chestnut lamp | Pani Pieska Mr Cat | Pani Pieska Rabbit Lady | Poster eyes | Cabinet | Storage bag by Nobodinoz | Snug ABC poster sea blue | Woood wall shelf 100 cm (for books) | Ratten chair by HK Living | Bedding dots | Bean bag by Nobodinoz

6 januari 2017

Hello Friday... a different new years dip in the ocean

In the Netherlands (and probably many more places) some people take a new years dip in the very cold ocean. Same as for bungee jumping, I don't get the thrill. So for this year I have sourced an alternative. How about you dip your interior in the look and feel of the ocean. Or a kids room if this is too playful for your taste. Happy New Year to you all. And do let me know how you welcome the new year.

Wrap paper (I use this as a poster) by Rifle paper and co | GPRL hook by Ryan Frank | Spotted Eagle Ray poster by My Deer art shop | Sailing ship kite by Haptic Lab | Woollywood grey large throw by Donna Wilson | Single duvet cover Odette lode 140 by La cerise sur le gateau | Jute laundry basket by H&M (also great for storage of toys)

14 december 2016

Hello Friday.... oeps Wednesday (don't want to wait).... a gift guide

I love presents. I love buying them, I love wrapping them beautifully and I love receiving them. Here are some suggestions for your wish list to Santa. Selected a bit for the home, some decorations and some beautiful treats like the art bag. I sure hope you like them. The mug with the small hearts would be for me. I regret not buying one when visiting my sister who lives in Oslo. Maybe I didn't so I would have a reason to go back soon. 

Design Letters Arne Jacobsen mugs L and M | Holiday show scene wrapping sheet RIFLE PAPER (I use this as a poster) | Superliving Dynamo lamp | 13 cm wall hook by Bloomingville | Art bag in petrol ice blue by Make History | Kids apron that you can colour in from Smallable | Big mug with small hearts from KID | 60 cm orange paper star by Dille & Kamille

2 december 2016

Hello Friday... we're in the month of celebration

Leather look star garland from Numero74 |  Glasilium vases with wall hanger by Scandinaviaform | Modern Christmas posters (branches and beer) by Juniqe | Up all night light by Lagerhaus (also ideal for New Years)I really like the month of December. My mom (who I love dearly) gets all hectic about all the things that need to be done. Recipes, pre-cooking, gifts, how to decorate the table. What day at their house and when with the in-laws? It must be the comfort of knowing we all have dinner at my parents house that makes my preparations more relaxed. Some day mom it'll be my turn... Decoration wise I want to keep things a bit calm this year. We don't have a large living space and share this with our adorable two blonde boys who come with a truckload of toys. There is enough going on in our living room. But there will be decorations! I have fallen head over heals in love with the posters I found on Juniqe. Definitely want the branches one. Curious to hear what your Christmas decor will look like. Will it be a DIY or do you shop at one of the large garden centers. Which ever one it is... as long as it brings the spirit of Christmas. 

26 november 2016

It's been years since I've done it but this year I will send out a few Christmas cards again. Main reason is that there are so many talented artists out there with beautiful cards such as these beautiful Christmas cards by Louise Cunningham. Each year a blog friend of mine called Monique from Happymakersblog keeps a list of all these talented artists and their latest Christmas cards. Do make sure you visit her blog to do some great new discoveries. 

18 november 2016

Hello Friday... it's like a gift from nature

This week I've come across some pretty exciting interior decorating items that look like true gifts from nature. Either inspired by nature like the drawings (those fishes wauw!) or micro photographed from the actual animal. And gemstones... a local friend of mine has an online shop selling these and you can just keep looking at them. Amazing to think that they actually come from nature as they are. It used to be a bit of a weird old peoples thing to collect them but to have on big colorful rock in your house is not old at all. It's rocking!! 

Poster butterfly | Poster bug | Bless this home print | Canyon marble dining table | gemstone pink | Poster gemstone green | Poster deep sea

11 november 2016

Hello Friday.... a modern kids room for boys and girls

I would love nothing more than to decorate kids rooms all day, every day. Whenever come across a product like these posters by Rylee and Cru I start to combine until I get this cute room. So if ever you feel like you could use some assistance. Be sure to let me know. You would truly make my day!

Wallpaper Esthex | Posters Rylee and Cru | Lamp by House Doctor | Cabinet by HK Living | Bedding by La Cerise sur le G√Ęteau | Storage bag by Telkiddo | Junior bed Caravan by Kalon Studio | Rug 'gittan' by Brita Sweden 

Wallpaper Ferm Living | Posters Rylee and Cru | Lamp by House Doctor | Black swan by Ilka | Cabinet by HK Living | Junior bed Caravan by Kalon Studio | Rug by Mum's via Pantoufle Design|


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